Marble Chip and Crack Repair

Any Damage to stone including marble or granite is not good to look at and we all know stone is not easy and or cheap to replace. This is where our expertise come in hence no replacement of your countertop is necessary whether it’s in your kitchen bathroom in your home or reception if you’re enquiring on behalf of a business in London or Greater London. 

We guarantee the area we work on will look as good as new. If you request we can also restore the entire countertop. London Polishers and our skilled workers will mix colours to match your countertop so you won’t even know a chip or scratch was present before (look at our phots). We restore all stone including Quartz, quartzite and limestone.

So if you think you need a repair be it a chip, stain from acid, etch mark or scratch call us or email us or call us 02071250125 (leave a message if the line is busy)

How We Help You

Send us an email or call us explaining the damage to your stone; we may require some photos which you can email, WhatsApp or text via mobile phone. We will send you an estimate or in most cases an exact quote. We will visit you whenever suitable for you.

We’ll keep you updated all the time. We can guarantee we use only the best materials mostly from Italy.

Call us now 02071250125