Metal Polishing London, Brass Door Furniture Restoration

Your front door is the first thing friends and neighbours see when they look at or enter your home. I shiny front door with a sparkling brass letter plate, door knob, door knocker and other door features makes your house stand out and enhance the character of your property.

We at London Polishers have been restoring brass front entrances for many years by collecting and if need be remove and restore your door furniture. Once we have polished the brass or metal, we apply many layers of metal  lacquer so you will never need to polish it again. It will last a long long time. The pollution in London and surrounding areas speeds up the oxidation of the metal so our lacquering process solves this problem for you. In many cases it is the old lacquer which needs removing by London Polishers so that new multiple layers can be brushed on by us or sprayed.